Get The Monkey Off Your Back


    Does your current cleaning company feel like a monkey on your back? You are not alone! Time and time again I hear about the horror stories business's are dealing with when it comes to their current cleaning company. It always starts with something like this. The first three months of your new cleaning service is a breeze. Everything is being done correctly, just the way you like it. As time goes on, you find yourself walking into your office building to discover little (problematic) things here and there. No big deal at first, but it has now become an every day occurrence. You begin to notice more things your cleaning crew has "forgotten" to do. You try to communicate, but the hassle of getting a different crew every night makes communication nearly impossible! We all know that in the cleaning business, communication is HUGE. Now, your cleaning services have become the dreaded "monkey on your back" so to speak. Bottom line, it's time to start looking into other avenues. 

What to look and ask for when searching for a quality cleaning service

  1. Local! Local! Local! I can't emphasize that enough. When looking for a Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services it is easy to run to these big companies, but the lack of quality stands behind their work. They cannot provide the quality of customer service or the amount of attention a local cleaning company can provide for your building. Plain and simple. 
  2. Find a company that is well established. Make sure they have experience as a company and have successfully done so. When in the process, ask for references of similar size contracts and how many years the company has been in business.
  3. Ask and demand for the same crew, day in and day out. This is to assure that communication will not be a problem.
  4. Ask about the customer service. When can you contact them and how (e.g. phone, email, in-person). The more accessible they are, the better! As I noted earlier, communication is huge!
  5.  Ask if the company is bonded and insured? 

Bottom line, you are the customer and you change the marketplace based on what you want. One thing customers want is great customer service. If you are only looking for the lowest price for passable service, than this is all irrelevant. However, if looking for a quality janitorial cleaning service with integrityhonesty, and communication, which I assume you are, asking the right questions will lead you to what you want. 


Christian Germeroth

Ultimate Contract Cleaning Inc. is a Janitorial service company. We have been proudly providing services to the lake county are for twenty-five years. UCC specializes in janitorial services but also provides building services and janitorial paper supply. Our goal is to be the best at what we do so give us a call today and let us show you the ULTIMATE cleaning experience.